3/4/5 Axis CNC Milling

3/4/5 axis. CNC milling

  • Matsuura MX 520

    Matsuura MX 520

  • Lang Eco Tower 60

    Lang Eco Tower 60

  • Automation Spanner

    Automation Spanner

  • Hurco VM1

    Hurco VM1

  • VMX42-STD-WinMax


  • Hurco VM10U

    Hurco VM10U


Anotronic has an impressive milling department from the small footprint but large capacity Hurco VM1’s to our Latest acquisition a 5 Axis Matsuura MX-520 machining cell coupled to a Lang 60 pallet Loading system for lights-out production.

Most of our machines use Renishaw part and Tool probing to ensure constant accuracy of parts with minimal disruption. All machines have ‘Sister Tooling’ for long cycle times. We now boast Three 5 axis machining centres running Delcam Powermill and Sprutcam 8 Multi axis software. We have also invested very heavily in what we believe is the best 5 axis workholding in the Business in Lang Grip-fix vices and pallets. This ingenious system allows us to hold on just 3mm of material whilst taking the depth of cuts you would not believe possible. All our machines are fully networked and backed up to our server. All machines have either large hard disks or Data servers fitted so huge files are no problem. All our machines are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure factory set accuracy’s are maintained. Again we invest in the very best spindle and table tooling to ensure constant results and reliability. We are constantly running jobs in Inconel and Titanium and have great experience in cutting difficult to machine materials. It is not uncommon for us to EDM drill, Wire, Turn and 5 axis mill the same part, With Anotronic all of these can be machined in-house ensuring quality and on-time delivery’s.

Anotronic Capacity List

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