ECD Compact

ECD Compact

Compact ECD

Machine Type Compact ECD
Overall size 600mm wide x 750mm deep x 1000mm high
Construction Beige polypropylene, one piece with access panels.
Features Easily Moved to new workstation by operator.
Lift-up see through door, operating Start/Stop.
Workbox size 600mm x 300mm x 200mm high
Power 50 Amp 0-20 Volt or 100 Amp 0-15 Volt options
Power 50 Amp 0-20 Volt or 100 Amp 0-15 Volt options
Electrolyte capacity 40 Litres
Electrolyte Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) in aqueous solution 1:1 to 1:5 SG
Pump For electrolyte delivery with flow control
Rectifier Microprocessor controlled unit in rear of machine
Control Panel Voltmeter, Ammeter, Timer, Emergency Stop Switch, No Volt Release Mains Switch and Indicator, Pump and Power Buttons & Lamps, Voltage Control Knob, Over Current Knob, Reset Button and Lamp, Contact Sense Lamp
Services Required Electrical Power 13 Amp Single Phase


*Due to continuous research and development, all specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.


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